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Outdoor Portrait Photography Tips

I love shooting outdoors. There is almost an infinite number of possibilities and space to do just about anything you can dream up.But there are some things about shooting outdoor portrait photography that can be challenging.Outdoors you don’t have complete control over the lighting and in the middle of the day, the light conditions can be downright impossible. You also don’t have as much control over the environment (other than maybe moving to a new location).However, when you find the right location and get good light, the results can be spectacular!So here are some tips to help you take your outdoor portrait photography to the next level. Shoot At Golden Hour Golden hour is what photographers call the hour or...

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Are Lightroom Presets Worth It?

There are a lot of benefits to using presets and purchasing presets from reputable sources. Here are some of the ways that presets can be a big help to your photo editing and help you get professional results and speed up your workflow… Time Saver Probably the most common use of presets is to save time while editing in Lightroom. Being able to do a bunch of edits with a single click is probably the primary reason Adobe started including presets in Lightroom. There are many many sliders in Lightroom (and more being added all the time). If you do a decent volume of editing then you know that there are certain edits that you do on every single image. Things like adding contrast and saturation to a RAW image, increasing the base sharpening...

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